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Leveraging Obsidian with GitHub for Collaborative Documentation

Using Obsidian in conjunction with GitHub offers a powerful solution for teams to create, manage, and maintain their documentation collaboratively. This post guides you through setting up an Obsidian vault with a GitHub repository to enable seamless documentation workflow for your team. Setting Up Your GitHub Repository Create a New GitHub Repository: Start by creating a new repository on GitHub. Include an `.md` (Markdown) file to serve as the starting point of your documentation....

18.03.2024 Β· 4 min

Integrating WiFi Setup with Captive Portal in your ESP32 Projects

Integrating a WiFi setup with a captive portal into your ESP32 projects significantly enhances the user experience by simplifying the network connection process. This tutorial will guide you through setting up your ESP32 project with a captive portal using PlatformIO in Visual Studio Code (VSCode) and incorporating the WiFiManager library. Setting up PlatformIO in VSCode PlatformIO is an open-source ecosystem for IoT development. It supports a vast number of boards and frameworks, including ESP32....

10.03.2024 Β· 3 min

Wallet Pass - Klimaticket

Welcome to my step-by-step guide on how to build your own digital ticket for the Apple Wallet. Today, I’m going to show you how to set up a backend system and create an app with SwiftUI that lets you store and use tickets right on your iPhone. We’re going to turn the Klimaticket, a yearly public transport ticket in Austria, into a ticket on your phone. This will make your travels simpler and help the planet too....

05.11.2023 Β· 12 min

Custom Colors in SwiftUI

Creating custom colors in SwiftUI enhances the visual appeal of your app and maintains consistency across the user interface. Extending the Color struct in SwiftUI is an efficient way to define and manage custom colors. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how: Organize Your Code: Begin by creating a new Swift file. Naming it CustomColors.swift would be a logical choice. This practice helps in keeping your codebase organized and clean....

02.11.2023 Β· 2 min

Simplifying View Alignment with `hAlign` and `vAlign`

When it comes to aligning views in SwiftUI, Apple has provided a powerful and flexible system. However, sometimes you might find yourself wishing for a simpler way to handle common alignment scenarios. In this article, we’ll explore how to extend the View protocol to include two new methods, hAlign(_:) and vAlign(_:), that make horizontal and vertical alignment more straightforward. Extending the View Protocol First, let’s take a look at the Swift code snippet that adds these methods:...

01.11.2023 Β· 2 min