Creating custom colors in SwiftUI enhances the visual appeal of your app and maintains consistency across the user interface. Extending the Color struct in SwiftUI is an efficient way to define and manage custom colors. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how:

  1. Organize Your Code: Begin by creating a new Swift file. Naming it CustomColors.swift would be a logical choice. This practice helps in keeping your codebase organized and clean.

  2. Extend the Color Struct: Open your new Swift file, and start by importing the SwiftUI framework. Then, extend the Color struct to add your custom color definitions.

  3. Define Custom Colors: Within the extension, define static properties for your custom colors. Each property should return an instance of Color.

import SwiftUI

extension Color {
    static let customRed = Color(red: 0.862, green: 0.1176, blue: 0.2078)
    static let customHexBlue = Color(hex: "#0000FF")

    init(hex: String) {
        let hex = hex.trimmingCharacters(in: CharacterSet.alphanumerics.inverted)
        var int: UInt64 = 0
        Scanner(string: hex).scanHexInt64(&int)
        let a, r, g, b: UInt64
        switch hex.count {
        case 3: // RGB (12-bit)
            (a, r, g, b) = (255, (int >> 8) * 17, (int >> 4 & 0xF) * 17, (int & 0xF) * 17)
        case 6: // RGB (24-bit)
            (a, r, g, b) = (255, int >> 16, int >> 8 & 0xFF, int & 0xFF)
        case 8: // ARGB (32-bit)
            (a, r, g, b) = (int >> 24, int >> 16 & 0xFF, int >> 8 & 0xFF, int & 0xFF)
            (a, r, g, b) = (255, 0, 0, 0)
            red: Double(r) / 255,
            green: Double(g) / 255,
            blue: Double(b) / 255,
            opacity: Double(a) / 255

In the code above, we’ve defined two custom colors and an initializer for hex values:

  • customRed: A predefined custom red color.
  • customHexBlue: A custom blue color initialized using a hex value.
  • init(hex:): An initializer to create a color from a hex string.
  1. Usage in Your SwiftUI Project: You can now use your custom colors as Color.customRed, Color.customHexBlue, and so on, throughout your SwiftUI project.

Handling Hex Colors:

The Color extension includes an initializer for hex strings, allowing you to easily define colors using hex values. The initializer handles different formats including RGB, ARGB, and more, converting them into a Color object.