Project Overview:

MantaLog represents my journey into iOS app development, intertwining my passion for diving with my enthusiasm for tech. It’s more than just a dive log - it’s an experience tailored for the modern diver.

Technical Highlights:

Platform & Tools: Developed for iOS using Swift and SwiftUI.
Data Management: Leveraged CoreData / SwiftData for efficient data storage and retrieval.
Synchronization: Integrated iCloud Sync, not only ensuring seamless data synchronization across all iOS devices but also providing a secure backup for your precious dive logs.

Key Features:

Bluetooth LE Integration: Effortless syncing with dive computers for accurate logging.
Emergency Functions: Added safety layers for those unpredictable dive situations.
Dive Insights & Stats: Dive patterns, depths, and location statistics for a comprehensive dive review.
License Storage: A digital wallet for divers to store and showcase their diving certificates.

Creating MantaLog is an ongoing enriching experience, merging the thrill of diving with my deep passion for app development.

My Ticket Wallet App - KlimaWallet

What I Made:

I wanted to add my KlimaTicket, a year-long pass for Austria’s public transport, to my iPhone’s Apple Wallet for convenience. Since no solution existed, I developed my own app that converts the physical KlimaTicket into a digital Wallet Pass.

How I Made It:

Tools I Used: I used Node.js to make the backend. For the app part that you see on the iPhone, I used Swift and SwiftUI.
How It Works with Data: When you use the app, it lets you scan the Aztec code on your physical KlimaTicket using a feature called CodeScanner. After scanning, you can add more infos like your name and the expiry date. Then the app creates a .pkpass file — that’s a special kind of file for Apple Wallet. You can see a preview of this pass right in the app, and with just a tap, you can add it to your Apple Wallet.

What the App Does:

Turns Your Ticket Digital: You can change your paper KlimaTicket into a digital one that goes right into your Apple Wallet.
Quick to Get: You get your digital ticket fast and put it into your Apple Wallet in no time.

Making this app was all about making something really useful and getting better at building apps and backends. It’s cool to see how a little idea to fix a problem for myself can turn into something big that others might use too.

For more infos look at my blog post… Wallet Pass - Klimaticket


Project Overview:

Vinotes encapsulates the essence of wine tasting in a digitized form, born from a university project. Crafted by a team of four dedicated individuals, we split our expertise to breathe life into both iOS and Android platforms. By infusing our love for wine with the modernity of tech, Vinotes offers wine enthusiasts a virtual tasting experience like no other.

Technical Highlights:

Platform & Tools: Crafted for both iOS and Android - the iOS version was developed using Swift and SwiftUI, while the Android counterpart utilized its native tools.
Data Management: Firebase was our go-to choice, ensuring robust and real-time data storage, retrieval, and user authentication.
Native Features: Seamless integration of native functions, including drawers, ‘Sign in with Apple/Google’, and location services, was a cornerstone of our project, giving users an intuitive experience.

Key Features:

Discover Wineries: Explore new wineries, curating an ever-growing list of places to experience.
Personalized Tasting Notes: As you taste each wine, add your impressions and tasting notes for future reference.
Favorites: Keep your cherished wines and wineries in one place by adding them to your favorites.
Shop & Reorder: With an integrated cart system, ordering wines is just a tap away. Can’t remember how you felt about a particular wine? Simply revisit your notes and reorder with confidence.

It’s a journey into the world of wines, making every sip and note count. As creators, we took pride in bridging the gap between traditional wine tasting and the digital realm.


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